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Glenn Goggin Founder & CEO

Hey there, I'm Glenn!

I became a software developer contractor about 8 years ago. During that time I worked for companies of various sizes (startups, SME's, billion dollar companies, etc) working on various exciting projects and technical challenges.

Throughout the years when it came to finding a new role, there were 3 things that drove me crazy, which I am going to rant talk about below:

1. Whether I was looking for a new role or not, I would frequently get contacted by recruiters, from recruitment firms I never heard of.

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2. Job boards suck and treat you the like the commodity/data point in the process

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3. Job boards that just take jobs from aggregator sites suck even more!

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After working with so many other people in tech over the past 8 years I noticed a lot of my colleagues had the some or all of the frustrations I outlined above. So much so that a lot of them would rarely (sometimes not at all) visit platforms such as LinkedIn. This is why I set out to create Galactic.jobs. I want to bring more trust, transparency and privacy to the tech job market.

Quite simply, I believe the trust, transparency and privacy in the tech job market is broken, and it's something I want to help fix, with you!

If you agree with any of my points above and want to help change the tech job market then I would love to hear from you!
Best wishes,
[email protected]

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Your trust and the trust of your community is the most important thing to us.


Privacy is a fundamental human right, a right we respect every single day, no matter the costs.


We want to deliver our users a quality product with valuable features as soon as possible


We promote a culture of experimentation in order to learn what gives the most value to our users

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