Are you a tech trainer, influencer or expert?

We work with people like you so you can have your own branded & privacy friendly recruitment platform powered by our technology. Our partners can earn upto 100% net profit share with no cost or risk.

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What can do for you?

It's easy! You provide the brand and market your site. We take care of everything else.

White Labeled Platform

1. White Labeled Platform

That you control, brand and make money from. Combining your brand with the most private friendly recruitment platform on the planet will be incredible!

2. Unmatched privacy friendly and data tracking

Allow your community of tech talent to view & manage who has access to their data (CV's). They can also revoke access at any time.

Unmatched privacy friendly and data tracking
Shared Database

3. Shared Database

Connect your site to the network. This will give your customers additional reach for their jobs as well as populate your site with jobs from others within the network.

4. Your success is our success

You are considered our partner. So much so that you can earn up to 100% net profit share for every job posted on your site.

Your success is our success
Add value to your community at no cost or risk.

5. Add value to your community at no cost or risk.

It will cost you nothing to work with us. Seriously! Most importantly we put talent first meaning that everything we do with our technology is for the benefit of your community. They will love you for it!

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Yes. If you are a technology trainer, influencer or expert that would work well in our network then there really are zero costs, only profit.
If you have a community who relies on your for education/advice then you are already invested in their career development. The next step is to help them use the knowledge you gave them to land their next role.
When a talent seeker pays to post a job on your site, we take care of the payment processing and we share the profit with you on a monthly basis.
One word -> Privacy. Our mission is to bring more trust, transparency and privacy to the tech job market. So much so that we allow the talent to control over who has exactly access to their information. Privacy will never be compromised.

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